Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pearl Fashion Jewellery a definite must have for modern women

Jewellery has been a temptation for women for long. Even in the ancient times, during the old civilization, the women did wear ornaments, though the material from which they were made differed. Now pearls are widely used in the making of jewellery. Presently most of the jewellery is made from the precious metals and the jewels or the gemstones found in the earth layers. Pearls are found in the oysters, both in fresh water as well as saltwater. All this has given rise to pearl fashion jewellery.

Pearls can be of different shapes and in variety of colors, such as white, grey, black, red, blue and green. The perfectly round pearls are the rarest and precious for the jewellery. The pearls are also in semi round shapes, used for necklaces or in uneven shape called Baroque pearls. Pearls are also cultured; they are created by the same process as natural pearls. 

Pearls are in the category of gem stones and are used by both men and women in the rings as well as other ornaments.  Pearl fashion jewellery is widely popular from the good old days and most of the kings and their officers’ wives were seen adorned with these ornaments. Pearls are in fashion and are used in the making of earrings, necklaces set and in bracelets as well as bangles.

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